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ACA, who is affected?

The ACA (affordable health care act) affects all federal individual income tax returns filed in 2015 for the 2014 calendar year and it is tied to both premiums and penalties. It pays to understand how your choice affects your taxes. It’s also important to know that penalties for not having qualifying health insurance are steadily…
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Your Own Tax Business

COMPRO TAX, INC. is a national tax preparation and bookkeeping firm rapidly growing over the nation. For over twenty-five years this company has been teaching and serving in communities all over and may be further expanding in your area. Our recruits are individuals just like you.

No experience necessary. We teach taxes, business, management and provide an opportunity for you to open your location with no out of pocket expense. You are welcome to partake in this opportunity that will enhance your educational, financial and business portfolio.

What set COMPRO-TAX apart from the competition is our dedication to providing clients with a gratifying experience that exceeds their expectations. This extraordinary performance level has become the definition of COMPRO-TAX, which has set new standards for today's expression of “A-1 Customer Service” -- high quality, exceptional professionalism, attentive service, courteous, friendly, highly qualified personal certified tax preparers of choice. Unlike the rest, “Your Company of Choice”, is ready to get you started in business, providing our absolute best.

We educate knowledgeable well trained affiliates to support the needs of our community, to provide professional exhilarating consumer service and uphold good moral and ethical standards.

We Provide Complete Professional Services.

Call today, 1-888-884-2829

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Small Business & Self-Employed Tax Center

Here is the IRS resource Small Business and the Self-Employed. SB/SE serves taxpayers who file Form 1040, Schedules C, E, F or Form 2106, as well as small businesses with assets under $10 million. If you are a Small Business or Self-Employed contact us to help you with your accounting, bookkeeping and tax filing needs. Link…
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ACA and Your Taxes

There is no doubt the ACA (affordable health care act) can be very confusing, but it pays to understand how your choices affect your taxes. The penalty for uninsured taxpayers that lack the minimum essential coverage could be nearly 1% of their entire income. This could be shocking information to learn at tax time. Our…
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Preparing for a Disaster (Taxpayers and Businesses)

Planning what to do in case of a disaster is an important part of being prepared. The Internal Revenue Service encourages taxpayers to safeguard their records. Some simple steps can help taxpayers and businesses protect financial and tax records in case of disasters. Listed below are tips for individuals and businesses on preparing for a…
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ComproTax Premiere Professionals

Providing Superior Business Services! Do you need superior bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial consulting or insurance benefits management? ComproTax Premiere Professionals are just what your business has been looking for. Our extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge of all current tax laws, complete business services, and ComproTax's state of the art technology, allows your business to excel when…
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ComproTax – Get More

The official ComproTax® Commercial - Get More: Vision, Integrity, and Stability with ComproTax.

Growth of Tax Preparer Career Unabated By Online Self Preparation Options

A head-spinning number of rules cover various types of tax credits and deductions. Yet somehow questions keep arising about the value of tax professionals and the future of the tax preparation industry. At the root of this concern is tax preparation software and online return filing options that are increasingly popular among a young computer-literate…
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The Payroll Solution

It starts with us, ComproTax WHY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PAYROLL TAX SERVICES?​ ​Taking advantage of our payroll services, can make the difference in how smoothly you run both your business and your personal life At ComproTax, we offer payroll services with one goal in mind, helping you focus on running your business. ​ Our services…
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The Payroll Story

It's starts the minute you hire someone to work for you.  Having to process that person's payroll is probably simple. But then you grow and add more employees and then the payroll process becomes more difficult. Now payroll involves performing many tasks to ensure accurate and timely paychecks, plus payroll tax and record-keeping compliance. Now it's…
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